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Anyone who has attended a lengthy business meeting knows the importance of high-quality food and refreshments to the success of any event. Designing unique menus that invigorate the palate is no longer a welcomed surprise in meetings, but an expected privilege. Hotel chains and independent caterers recognize that people have become ... more »
Spas and other lifestyle-oriented programs have become a must-have for meetings and events. Meetings and events include spa packages in guest service programs and others offer spa treatments to wrap up a long affair. Meeting planners and spa directors often emphasize that working within a tight budget or time frame doesn’t ... more »
With branches in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Plan-It Interactive's inventory of Interactive ... more »
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The face of golf has changed since the boom of the industry in the 1990s. Golf has become the number one choice of activity ... more »
If it hasn’t been established already, ROI is an element of the meetings and events industry that planners are going to have to embrace ... more »
Over the last two decades, golf events have become staples of the corporate calendar. Whether it’s to generate community goodwill through fundraising or to ... more »
Gone are the days when the typical business meeting planner was given a budget, asked to organize an event and when all was said ... more »
One of the growing trends of corporate America is that employees of major companies are finding themselves being asked to tackle projects outside the ... more »
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